Protect Your Business Data

A business that provides services or goods to customers certainly works with various types of data. This includes information about products or services offered by companies, information about buyers of goods or services, business plans, and financial plans. Of course, this data is sensitive and confidential and must be secured in the best way to avoid data leakage that can affect the reputation of your business. Maintaining data security to protect your business is not just a matter of using the latest technology. Hiring the right people to have a good security policy are some things that need to be taken care of so that your data is stored safely. You can also use a VPN, but what country is the best for vpn?


You can maintain data security by following these tips:

Understand data that require extra security. See all available data, be it financial records, customer information, to the details of your supplier. Determine the data security type is, then make a comprehensive record of the data stored, who can access it, which you can then use to identify future data security risks.

Make sure your anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-malware, anti-ransomware are up-to-date. Even though the software is already installed, don’t be negligent to update the latest version regularly to avoid various kinds of cyber threats that can steal your data.

Review and improve the database security system. Many databases are vulnerable to poorly controlled access. This condition can open access for unauthorized users who can change data easily. Use a companion application that has an authority-based access rights management feature that limits authorization to certain users.

Give access and authorization restrictions. Staff members and third parties must have access only to the data they need to do their work. Authorization is the process by which IT managers determine the administrator who will be authorized to access data. The use of the ticketing mechanism for the submission of access rights through a tiered authentication process will provide transparency in the process of requesting access rights which can later be accounted for.

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